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Why You Should Care About the 2017 Acura NSX

Jay Leno hops in the twin-turbocharged, 9-speed 2017 Acura NSX and says: That’s really good… really quite good!” And that is high praise coming from a man who owns one of the most vast collections of the world’s most amazing rides. But before he hits the tarmac, Leno has a nice chat with the lead designer […]

The Roundup – How She Wants You to Touch Her

Before a man can touch a woman physically, he must first make a connection with her psychologically. And there are so many ways you can do this, from the words you use on a first date to the bad habits you choose to hold back. But there is nothing sexier to a woman that a […]

12 Greatest Adversaries of Batman

Batman has been around for a long time. He is one of the oldest comic book characters in existence fighting crime in all of its forms. From petty thieves, to mob bosses and their organizations, to psychotic clowns, Batman has just about seen it all. Starting with the more recent additions and going back the […]

Femme Fatales of Batman

  Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, has a reputation as a playboy. In fact, he designed it that way so that he would not have to deal with a relationship and the pitfalls that would accompany it. The major one being an adversary finding out about a particular relationship and using that information against him. He […]

Whiskey On Stones – Personalized Chilling Stones

Peering through the foggy window of your favorite whiskey glass… there is one sight that no man ever wants to see. His Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel being forced down to only one quarter of a barrel due to the science of ice and room temperature liquid. The results cab be unforgiving… catastrophic… and positively unmanly. […]

Abigail Ratchford – As Naked As She Gets

We have been interested in Abigail Ratchford for a long time now. And while you may be thinking that we’re mostly interested in the obvious naked, nude, and topless photos of her – you’d be wrong. Abigail hails from Scranton PA, which is famous for its rich heritage, iron, coal production, streetcars, and railroads. She […]

Bremont Alt1 Watch – Swiss, Automatic and Loyal

The word loyalty is not often referred to when talking watches. But in the case of Bremont, their entire brand is based on the loyalty to the heritage of a pilot’s watch. They are individually crafted to be durable, reliable, useful during flight and last but not least – stylish. The Bremont Alt1 calls upon […]

Things Women Wish Men Knew About Sex

Guys have a lot to learn, and some of that includes things that women wish they knew more about sex. You only get one chance to make a first impression in the bedroom, and if you don’t know the shape of the terrain, you probably should be out perusing in it. To offer you a […]

Old Spice “Hardest Working” Giveaway

Urbasm is giving a way a Toolkit sponsored by Old Spice! Enter for your chance to win a fully stocked kit to keep you smelling fresh even while working your hardest. The deodorant trophy is especially amazing – nothing says “champion” quite like having your deodorant attached to a trophy mount. Who wouldn’t want to […]