Amazing Showers to Envy

Many great moments have occurred in a well designed shower, including relaxation, exhilaration, beauty appreciation, and of course lust and envy. It actually takes a lot to influence a guy to pay attention to his shower. One of the easiest ways is to give it interest and an original point of view, as in the […]

Bachelor Pads We Are Envious Of

Hard work sucks. It robs you of energy, time, and sleep. However, its rewards can be summed up in four simple pictures.      

How to Design an Awesome Bachelor Pad

Ballers know that their bachelor pad is their lifeline. It represents their image, persona, and will leave behind a lasting legacy (until you go bankrupt, but we’re not concerned with that right now). While there are many options to designing an awesome pad, such as a comfortable couch, updated theater room, and functional (yet stylish) […]

Living Large

  So guy, do you think you are living large because you own the Newest Kindle Fire HD, or the keys to a 2012 Audi R8? Well, look at it this way, living large is much the same as any other career ladder. Take, for instance, working at McDonald’s. You got your managers (top dogs), […]