Hair Situation – Two New Formulas, Same Great Results

You know what I like better than trying out a new brand of hair product? Trying a new formula from a brand I already like. We gave ‘Hair Situation’ a shot last winter and we were very impressed by their ‘no-glue-no-goo’ policy. These gels and pomades are very clean formulas and do exactly what their […]

American Crew’s 67th EMMY Ballots Giveaway

The Emmy awards will be unleashing on your HDTV on September 20, 2015, and before the final ballots are drawn, our friends at American Crew would like to take a tally on which show you think deserves to be honored with the “Best of Hair” EMMY award. And for your trouble, we’ll be giving away […]

The Ultimate Men’s Hair Style – Get the Look and American Crew Giveaway

You’ve got the shoes, the suit, the right amount of eye contact… But what about ‘the hair’? Wouldn’t it be great if a great hair style were as simple as following a simple recipe? Well, it kind of is… Our friends at American Crew have gone through the exhaustive process of searching the world for […]

Whatever Your Hair Situation There’s a Gel For it

Hair can be unmanageable, unkempt, and positively frustrating at times. To make matters worse, there are a lot of products out there that promise to rein these problems under control, but fail the moment their pomade leaves a greasy stain on the back of your couch. I love the smell of gel in the morning, […]

Men’s Hair Care With Mister Pompadour

I consider myself somewhat of a patriotic consumer. If one company consistently gives me what I want, I am forever theirs. However, occasionally a new product will come out of the blue, and steal my patronage away. Mister Pompadour is a relatively new offering in hair care. However, after sampling their Peppermint Shampoo and Conditioner […]