Dating Truths – Dealing with Needy Women

Over the past couple of weeks, the media has highlighted the end of the relationship between Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas citing that the relationship ended due to Cressida’s “needy” behavior. I’m hear to tell you that there really is no such thing as “needy,” only unmet needs. Hearing men call the woman they are […]

The Art of Seduction – Interview With Zan Perrion

Zan Perrion is a romance artist. His technique comes from the core of what all women want, which is a confident and fun man. He does not preach any gimmicks to seduce women, as his natural gift is his appreciation and insight to their desires. In other words, a true player is not in the game […]

Three Things Every Guy Should Know About Bad Girls

Most gentlemen grow up with the ideal that a woman should be caring, loving, and sensitive, and that he was born to be her hero and protector. This can sometimes cloud his judgement towards the women who do not deserve this level of servitude. If you’re a guy who repeatedly finds himself dating women who […]

The Truth About Seduction, Dating, and The Pickup Artist

Jennifer is the wingwoman that every man wished he could have in his corner. It is unfortunate that there is so much bad information out there about how to seduce, date, and pickup women. The truth is, becoming success at dating may have a lot to do with your ‘technique’. However, most women already know about […]

7 Dating Habits to Ditch Today

Jennifer Donnelly has been helping men find success with women for over 17 years. However, success is often more than just finding a certain technique that works; it is also avoiding the ones that don’t. We asked Jennifer to pinpoints a few of the worst dating habits that are costing men a lot on the […]

Sex And Adult Dating Websites – Interview with Dating Expert, Erica Black

Erica Black is a relationship expert who understands that dating success is a combination of social skills, confidence, and a vibrant personality, even when you are dealing with the somewhat shallow nature of an adult dating website. Despite what the advertisements promise, websites like are not just all about sex and satiation, as somewhere […]