Morgan Freeman – The Uninterview

What is an icon? Is it the guy with the most money or luck, or the girl with the most beauty or PR scandals? Perhaps, it is based off who has the sexiest physique, or the longest list of hit franchise films (Die Hard, Shrek, Twilight, etc.)? In this definition, a Hollywood icon must have […]

10 Stupid Quotes from Female Celebrities

Celebrities are always inserting their foot into their mouth. As it turns out, it is not just an a**hole thing, but a disease that effects the very young on down to the old, hot, annoying, and slightly beautiful. Allow us to give you ten examples of what we’re talking about. 5. Kim Kardashian I spoke […]

Carmen Electra, This is Your Life!

Much of what us guys know of Carmen involves those pivotal areas from the neck down, but to truly get to know this woman of few words, one has to look beyond those long legs, mountainous bosoms, blue eyes, tinsel-town brown hair, and see through to her mind. Yes, she does have a mind, she […]

Stupid is as Stupid Says: 10 Best Celebrity Sex Quotes

What a person says has been found to say a lot about who a person is. Well, if this be the case then there are a gaggle of high profile celebrities out there who are living proof of the lack of brain power that is really necessary to make it big today. Ever wonder what […]