How to Be a Man – And Make Eye Contact

Eye contact is one of the most influential factors in a man’s life from birth to death. Everything from his romantic relationships to the position at his job is affected by the amount of eye contact he engages in. This influence can make a man appear more attractive, likeable, smart, dominant, recognized, and improve his […]

Morning Link Dump – Dude Stuff

That’s a great plan, Walter. That’s f*ckin’ ingenious, if I understand it correctly. It’s a Swiss f*ckin’ watch. — The Dude, Big Lebowski

How to Be a Man – MMA Fighting Techniques

In the next couple minutes you will learn the basics of the jab, kick, throw, takedown, and more…

How to [Not] Be a Man – And Say No to a First Date

The modern woman knows what she wants, and can be forceful and relentless in trying to get it. This can work to your advantage, unless you’re just not interested in her. In these circumstances, it will be necessary to turn her down gently. This video introduces several possible ways to get out of a first […]

Ode to a Real Man

Get Your Drink On

Man’s insatiable thirst has led him on a quest, perhaps since the dawn of time, in pursuit of that one substance that will fulfill all his expectations. You see, a well made drink is not about quenching just your thirst, but casting your mojo on a long journey. One that will begin with mystery and […]

Man Vs. Glass Door

No matter how big his guns, how fast he runs, or how blank his mind may be;  man will never defeat the stealthy, powerful , and hurtful nature of the glass door. Allow us to demonstrate: