Converse KA-One Sneakers

Skaters and style junkies will like the retro feel of the Converse KA-One sneakers. These were modeled after the classic Converse training shoe of the mid-seventies, and have been signed off by the legendary, Kenny Anderson. They feature a suede upper body, and come in a variety of colors, including a vibrant red. Get yours […]

Go Ahead, Let em’ Rip… Your Underwear’s Got You Covered!

In a world of dancing robots and artificial body organs, it’s about time a company addresses a serious problem that has plagued men since the introduction of the cabbage and bean… flatulence! 4Skins has announced the release of their newest product, an odor neutralizing underwear, that works by attracting, isolating, and absorbing noxious gas odors. […]