4 Short-Sleeve Shirts Every Man Should Have For Summer

We don’t like to put a number to something unless it matters, like a six-digit annual salary, 300lb bench press, a nine-inch… beard, and definitely a wardrobe complete with the four essential short sleeve shirts for Summer.

Basic (Sometimes Not So Basic) White T-Shirt

A white t-shirt is practically your wingman at almost every important event in your life, including Bedtime, Friday nights at the club, and even your own wedding. White t-shirts make a great summer base layer giving you the option to shed some weight, cool down, and it can give your torso and sleek look without too much gym time. There are six white t-shirts hanging in our editor’s closet right now, but there is a Derek Rose crew neck (above) on the way, just to see if it is as incredibly soft and form-fitting as its $100 price tag would suggest.

Checkered/Striped Short Sleeve Collar

How dare we slop together a checkered collar and striped collar summer shirt into one category. I mean, aren’t those two different shirts? Well, obviously they are two shirts, but we see them as basically the same thing. The striped (or checkered) collars shirt is an easy way to add a pop to your personality without the traditional three beers. It adds geometric interest, a laid-back appearance, it can be dressed either up or down without a lot of imagination and offers the opportunity for all sorts of color combinations. These Summer shirts are in style right now (and here is a secret: they haven’t gone out of style for the last century, so you are probably safe to get one now). And they also feature built-in air conditioning (also known by the ancients as buttons). There are a lot of designer brands we could recommend, but this year’s recommended favorite is Amazon’s own Goodthreads (above), offering 35 check patterns and colors, not one being over $35.

Hawaiian/Statement Short Sleeve Collar

When some guys think Hawaiian shirts they see the chubby guy with rubber ducky’s, white sunscreen on his nose, carrying a chair, with probably a few ketchup stains. We recommend that you stop hanging out with that guy, and find a new wingman that can carry off this yellow rubber ducky shirt by Tipsy Elves (above) with class and charisma. This kind of Summer piece should express your style and final legacy (okay, maybe it doesn’t have to be that heavy). The point is, every man is allowed to have at least one piece in his Summer Wardrobe that expresses who he is in as many colors and images as he feels necessary to pull off the task. Tipsy Elves offers some of our favorite pieces, but for authenticity, RJC North Shore is our go-to.

Short-Sleeve Miami Cuban in Linen

Whoa, you say, that seems like a pretty specific shirt for one guy’s wardrobe. Oh, but trust us, as this is one that you’re not going to want to be without. Let’s start with that Cuban collar. It is almost guaranteed to whip up a Miami sea breeze with you wherever you take it. And a breeze just can’t be taken advantage of well enough unless it is waving gently the way that only a jet black classic Cubavera (above) in 100% linen can. The feel of these shirts during a hot Summer’s Eve is soft, light, airy, and it won’t let anyone see you sweat, as they begin to dry almost as instantly as they get wet.

We have never known a guy who has not liked the style and feel of these four shirt styles during the Summer months. And that is a bold statement that we feel quite confident nestling ourselves within during the most smouldering months of Summer.

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