How Men Make Espresso: Neo

We have machines for making popcorn, fizzy beer, and adult slushies. We have gadgets for lifting weight, holding your laptop, and listening to outdoor sounds. But when it comes to the deep aroma and taste of an espresso, do you really need all those circuit boards, timers, lights, coffee pod flavors, and different settings?

Neo says no, and we tend to agree. All you really need is some machined aluminum, stainless steel, basic ingenuity, ground coffee beans, boiling water, and a bit of arm muscle. Let us take you through the steps.

Step One: Grind some fresh coffee beans and pour them into the portafilter.
Step Two: Heat up some water while also preheating the brewing cylinder.
Step Three: Add the boiling water.
Step Four: Press the lever down, and have a cup waiting to capture all that espresso goodness. Who needs a timer; that was only about 5 minutes out of your day.

Optional (But Highly Recommended): Rinse the removable bits and set them aside for the next time.

There are no settings because the flow-control portafilter gets the taste dialed in right every time. There are no pods or filters to purchase because you don’t want to be tethered to monthly payments, and there is no LCD display because that would just be dumb.

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