Sound+Sleep Adaptive Technology Makes Sleep Better

Where do you sleep best? In a grassy knoll, busy city street corner, beach, train, brook, or next to a spitting campfire? Or maybe you’re the type that just sleeps when and wherever you can. But sleep is important. No, I mean really important. It dictates your mood, testosterone levels, body fat, your brain’s ability to function, and the overall aging process. And with something that important, you really can’t (or shouldn’t) afford to get it where and whenever you can. And here’s one way to make it a little easier and better.

The Short Story

Wherever it is that you sleep best, no matter how far away you are from that right now, Sound+Sleep Adaptive Technology can probably get you there. And it will attempt to keep any bullies (unwanted sounds) from destroying that perfect virtual world. And we used this machine for an entire month, and from that time we can say, yes, it indeed works and yes, it did help us sleep a little better at night and concentrate more during the day.

When it comes to finding a good nights sleep, the grass may always appear greener on the other side, which is why a handy tech gadget that can get you over the fence (and back) in about 2-seconds is a pretty cool device. The Sound+Sleep device is an old idea with worthy improvements. This machine offers superb sound quality, distinct sound story choices, and the ability to adjust itself to suit the noise disturbances in your environment.

How it works: Distinct Sound Stories and Adaptive Technology

The Sound+Sleep device offers a lot of options, including ocean, meadow, train, city, rainfall, brook, meditation, white noise, waterfall, and fireplace (depending on the model). Each of these offers three unique sound stories, which means you can add (at your discretion) different sound options to accessorize your story. You can have just the rush of water on your beach, or the beach with birds, or a distant fog horn and sea lions. If you choose the fireplace, the options go from a base crackling sound to the addition of a tea kettle and cats purr, to a full-on campfire with distant birds.

Part of the idea behind all these choices is your preference, and the other part is that the more accessorizing sounds the machine has to use, the better its ability to camouflage any unwanted noise, including noisy neighbors, street traffic, or a snoring bed partner. How it works is it ‘listens’ to your environment, and when it detects any unwanted sounds it attempts to mask it with a ‘wanted’ sound.

And I may say ‘attempts’, but from my experience, it was successful the majority of the time. This added up to the sound of a burbling thunder clasp to a rainstorm as my neighbors, the “Bumpusess” lit up their noisy diesel truck. It equaled the chorus of frogs and birds as a jackhammer hit the concrete of a nearby bank parking lot at 7 AM. And I remember these occurrences in the beginning because these sounds were a bit out of my ordinary. But after a couple days, I can’t really recall the machine working at all… and that to me is a sign that it must have been working as it should.

The machine can also be set to boost the volume whenever these noises occur, which I found to take a bit of getting used to, but after a few nights, I think it definitely aids in masking some of the more obnoxious sounds that might normally wake you up.

But a video is worth a thousand words, so allow us to take you through a sample of what this machine is capable of.

The Urbasm Team’s Opinion:

Max Green: The Sound+Sleep machine works as promised. I am pretty sure it even helped to mask my own snoring, and that is not an easy feat. And it not only masks unwanted noise while you sleep, it also creates a nice atmosphere during the day if you’re working in a noisy apartment, or pretty much any downtown urban landscape.

Pamela Causfield: As a light sleeper, I can say that I did end up enjoying the machine, but there was a bit of adaptive learning process for my own part. I was occasionally woken by the sounds that the machine used to mask other sounds, especially when the volume would boost. But overall the sounds were very relaxing before bedtime. I also like all the options this machine has. Most sound machines don’t offer near as many.

Doc Hollandaise: I’ll admit that I don’t sleep much, or really think much about getting quality sleep, but this machine has changed that thinking. I slept much better when I was in control of my environment. I like the ability to try different sleep atmospheres and see which ones allow me to wake up more refreshed. The adaptive technology worked pretty well for the occasional loud burst, but some sound stories are better prepared to mask the droning of constant construction work, a lawnmower, or thumping bass.

But that’s just our opinion. You can formulate your own by getting one here.


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About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created, a site for every guy.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created, a site for every guy.