Vinebox Subscription – One Box, One Mission, Three Glasses of Wine


Box memberships are on every corner of Google. And with so many choices it takes something pretty special to stand out from the crowd. We are big fans of Bespoke Post and their boxes of awesome. We are regulars of Flaviar and their monthly spirit packs, and we are always down for something manly and dangerous at Man Crates. But we never thought that we could get into a wine box club, until now.

Vinebox is not really a ‘boxed wine’. In fact, they pay no attention to those wines found at your local spirit store. Anyone with a legal ID and a ten dollar bill can indulge in that. What they are really on the lookout for are those small, lesser known vineyards that are coveted by the European locals and savvy travelers.

The experts an Vinebox go out of their way to seek the wines that deserve to be found and then ship them to your door for the price of a single bottle (or two bottles if you buy the cheaper stuff) of wine. And each box comes with three unique wines, and they are all yours for as long as you can savor them by the glass.

What’s the Big Idea?

The big idea is to introduce you to the world of wines, one glass at a time (3 glasses per month), and if you happen to come across ‘a keeper’ you can order by the crate (anywhere from 3 to 12 bottles) to share. And so this idea got us thinking – if a gentleman could be cultured and aged to perfection one glass at a time, would he rather earn that culture from a vineyard in his backyard or from multiple grapevines spanning across planet earth?

Find the answer for yourself, here.

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