LA Comedian Ron G’s Favorite Things


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Ron G is one of Urbasm’s favorite comedians, and already has a long list of impressive accomplishments. This includes being the College Comic of the Year, 1st place winner of the 2005 Sierra Mist Late Night Laff Off, and was a finalist on both Bill Bellamy’s Who’s Got Jokes and NBC’s Last Comic Standing. Ron has also made television appearances on Arsenio Hall, Chelsea Lately, and was once told by the comedy giant, Mr. Martin Lawrence, that he’s funny.

“I want to represent the new generation of comedians that get overlooked,” says Ron. “I’d like to show the world the new generation is just as funny, clever and talented.” Join us as we find out what it’s like to be a funny man the other 23-hours of a day.


Home: Wherever my family and friends are–is home to me.

Man Cave: My Balcony at my place. I have a two person swing on it.  The Swing reminds me of being in the South. I like to just go swing and get lost in my thoughts.

Gym: I have a membership, but I’d rather go run outside or hit the stairs in Culver City. I’m not really in shape; my shirts just be tight.

Automobile: My favorite car is an Audi R8 (it’s just a sexy car) or Tesla  because it requires no gas and the dashboard looks like an ipad. How sexy is a car that requires no gas?!

Restaurant: The Coffee Company in Los Angeles. I love breakfast and they have the best PeCAN(southern accent) waffles and Chicken apple sausage. I really can eat breakfast anytime of the day. I want some breakfast as I am typing this.

Travel: One of my favorite cities is London. I love the diversity, the art and the music. When I’m there I realize how American I am, how unique I am in my comedy, and how much traveling makes a difference in the type of comedian and person you become. The weather sucks but the people and comedy scene are awesome.


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Inspiration: Speaking to kids about dreaming big, and speaking to young adults about healthy relationships. I’m a mess, but I love talking about my mess and making people laugh.

Meditation: Every morning I have quiet time with God and I enjoy listening to sermons from Pastor Donald Bell, Pastor Rick Warren, and TD Jakes sermons/podcast.

Quote: I have two. 1.) Don’t Block Yo Blessing! and 2.) Don’t make excuses, make history.

Good Luck Charm: This silver Dollar my Grandma gave me back when I was in high school.


T-Shirt: My vintage Spider Man t-shirt

Jeans: Diesel or G Star

Pet: Roaches. Just kidding; not crazy about pets. Too busy to have one.

Gadget: My iphone 5S. I’m pretty addicted to it. Its bad! I need help.

Cologne: ‘Gentleman Only’ by Givenchy

Drink: Simply Orange with Pineapple or Welcher’s White grape Peach

Color: Gray or camo

Film: Comedy- Life  Drama- Inglorious Bastards

Actor: Jeremy Piven and Jeffery Wright

Band: Jodeci- 90s R&B was the best. WHoooo YEah!

Author: Rick Warren

Comedian: I have three! Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, and Jamie Foxx


Photo Credit: Jenn Hoffman


Pickup Line: “You got sexy knees!” Women love odd compliments.

First Date: Good food and conversation. I don’t like going places that don’t allow you to talk on a first date, like movies.

Prank: In college, I had this real bad habit of “acting” like I wanted to fight the girls I liked in a club. It was real dramatic. I would walk up to her and say, “You don’t even know me!” Then my boy would grab me and say, “Don’t do it! It ain’t worth it!” The girl would not have a clue what was going on. It would always work because they thought I was crazy and hilarious, and then give me their number. Don’t judge me; it was college, okay! LOL

Guilty Pleasure: WSHH. They have some really funny ratchet and goofy videos on there, but I don’t like watching people get beat up or hurt. That’s not entertaining.

Ways to Get Dirty: A gentleman never tells his business.

Dirty Joke (PG-13): Not my Style. I keeps it clean!


You can catch Ron G at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood every Sunday for their Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show. Visit his website,, to find show dates. Follow Ron on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (@comedianrong), and YouTube.

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About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created, a site for every guy.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created, a site for every guy.