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$69,000 Bargain-Priced “Supercar” Can Overtake a Porsche GT3

What can $69,000 buy you these days? Some swamp land in Florida, Mercedes Benz M Class, and a really sweet watch. However, according to the start-up company, Supercar System (SS), you can also have an “affordable” supercar. What you get for your money is a “chromoley exo-skeleton wrapped carbon tub chassis”, a set of 18 or […]

Porsche 911 Alarm Clock

You’re still hung over from the night before. There’s a red smudge on your pillow, and it appears to be attached to something you brought home last night, and you aren’t quite sure if it’s human. Then, you hear the purr of a 911 Turbo revving its engine, and the thing in your bed gets […]

Jack Spade Eldon Topcoat

The Jack Spade Eldon topcoat is an extension to your soul. It offers a uniquely mysterious appearance using its 100% wool outer layer that will not only keep you warm, but will minimize its thickness, so you don’t have to suffer from puffy topcoat syndrome. It features a notch lapel, button plackets, and is stamped […]

Sexy Halloween Costumes We Wished Our Girlfriends Would Wear

Some guys have that girlfriend who wears something sexy every Halloween, and looks absolutely fantastic in it. Then there us guys who only wish our girlfriend was able to pull something like that off. These are a few of the sexy costumes we are trying to get our girlfriends to wear, although it is doubtful […]

Best Halloween Costume of 2013- Breaking Bad Hazmat Suit

We had a vote here at the Urbasm office, and the number one Halloween Costume for guys in 2013 was unanimously the Break Bad Hazmat Suit. This particular one is officially licensed for the show, and comes with the yellow suit, blue gloves, mask, and a goatee, just in case you can’t grow your own. […]

A Tribute to Magnus Walker

We here at Urbasm normally pay tribute to long legs, silky hair, and ample breasts. However, we are no heathens. We are also classy gentlemen who believe that a man is made from his inspirational words, style, and collection of fine automobiles. Introducing Magnus Walker, the man who broke into the scene as a Porsche […]

The Return of the Puffy Vest- That Never Left

If there was one fashion statement that seems to keep coming back year after year, it would have to be the ever-practical and stylish puffy vest. So as everyone starts pulling out their trusty cold-weather outerwear from the depths of their closets, we’ve found a puffer that may make you reconsider your heavy-duty coat, at […]

Funkybod- A Muscle Shirt for Guys Who Don’t Have Muscle

Women have their Spanx girdles and pushup bras, while men have their easy six-pack devices, and padded muscle shirts (appropriately called Funkybod). We don’t see the big deal. However, we do want to pose this one question. Let’s say this shirt works, and you convince a hotty to hookup at your bachelor pad. Do you […]

How a Nice Guy Can Still Treat em’ Mean & Keep em’ Keen

If you’re reading this, you are probably a NICE GUY who is trying to connect with women, but whatever you’ve been doing so far just isn’t working. I understand how frustrating that is. You want to be the man who can draw women to him. but, let me give you some insight… The men who travel in dating’s fast lane don’t […]

Ferrari P4/5 Competizione Faces its Greatest Challenge- Being Unloaded from a Trailer

This one-off, KERS powered, 563 horsepower Ferrari P4/5 Competizione is teetering on its carbon fiber nose, as several gentlemen attempt to figure out how to slide it off its flatbed without breaking it in half. The cars owner, James Glickenhaus, was obviously not around, as heads would have most certainly rolled for this fail.