Best Summer Books a Man Should Read

A great book is more than a couple rave reviews from critics. It is something that becomes a source of knowledge, inspiration, and true entertainment. A great book is a means for a man to find himself, and rediscover old pleasures in a new way, such as an appreciation for the nude female form, a […]

Author, Russell Smith, Answers Man’s Greatest Questions

As much as we love the opinion of a beautiful woman, we do like advice from a man who knows what he’s talking about. A man who has been there and done that, and occasionally a good man has not only lived an interesting life – but also written about it through both experience and […]

Power Reading – 9 Great Reads For Motivated Men

Some men power lift, while others prefer to power nap. We prefer to combine the two into what we call a power read. These are the kind of books that can energize a man, build up his mind, boost ideas, inspire and teach him how to fish in a world where a good portion of […]

A Look At More Books Men Should Probably Read

Every man needs time to himself, and sitting down with a good book is one way to improve your outlook or escape from just about anything, for a while. While we often like to recommend good reads here at Urbasm, today we have a more diverse list of suggestions. Some for yourself, and some might make […]

On the Shelf of a Well-Read Gentleman

There are three important objects of ownership for every man. There are the things that a gentleman wants, the things that a gentleman needs and, of course, the things that a gentleman ‘reads’. Every man should indulge in a little reading every now and then to better himself, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help […]

Star Wars: Kenobi – The Book Review

“I will take the boy,” Obi-wan said volunteering himself for the task. Was it out of duty? After all, the boy will need to be protected during these vulnerable years. Or was it out of guilt? Since it was mostly his fault the powerful Jedi, Anakin Skywalker, turned to the dark side and is leading […]

The Roundup – The Man’s Man

Every man strives to be a part of something bigger. However, all we really need is to believe that we are an important part of the whole. Here are a few of the leading authorities we strive to become a part of each and every week. The 9 Hottest Watches From This Year’s Shows – […]

75 Years of Batman: 16 Greatest Batman Stories

My friend mentioned one day that he liked Batman, but aside from the The Dark Knight trilogy of movies, he knew very little about the character. I assured him that those movies, by Christopher Nolan, provided enough background story and character development to fully enjoy the myth that is Batman. I was surprised by his […]

Books Every Man Should Read

We like to keep cultured by replenishing our brain cells with worthy storytelling at the turn of every season. For the Fall/Winter of 2014-15, we recommend a mix of classic and ‘soon to be classic’ photography books along with a couple non-fiction reads to help keep your mind off the white stuff that will soon […]

10 Must Read Books For Men

When a man takes the time to read a book, it is because he expects to get something out of it, whether it’s entertainment, knowledge, or a new skill. Our staff has done most of the reading for you, and we have weeded out the ‘must read’s’ from the ‘maybe’s’, and these are the 10 […]