50 of the Best Men’s Websites Every Guy Should Know

Gather around gentlemen, as we’re about to tell the tale of where every great idea has ever originated. From the highest offices in New York to the darkest basement in Wichita, no man has ever enjoyed great success without first enlisting the help of another man’s shoulders. The difference between man and other intelligent creatures […]

7 Books Every Man Should Read

A gentleman should read. He should read for knowledge, inspiration, interest, and relaxation. There are few things in this world that can change a man for the better – as quickly and inexpensively as a good book. And we’ve got nine of those opportunities right here: Man’s Search for Meaning – A man has struggled with […]

Best Summer Books a Man Should Read

A great book is more than a couple rave reviews from critics. It is something that becomes a source of knowledge, inspiration, and true entertainment. A great book is a means for a man to find himself, and rediscover old pleasures in a new way, such as an appreciation for the nude female form, a […]

What’s On Our Holiday Reading List

What’s on your holiday reading list? Here’s what’s on ours… Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion (Collins Business Essentials) Winter Cocktails: Mulled Ciders, Hot Toddies, Punches, Pitchers, and Cocktail Party Snacks The Complete Beer Course: Boot Camp for Beer Geeks: From Novice to Expert in Twelve Classes […]

The Art of Betrayal, The Secret History of M16

If you don’t already have this book on your summer reading list, we would highly recommend it for any fan of history or James Bond. The author, Gordon Corera, a BBC News security correspondent, takes you through the transformation of history since WWII, and we’re talking about the men and women who actually had a hand […]