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5 Must-Have Items for a Home Music Studio

Whether you’re a vocalist or even part of a band, the next big step to taking your music to the next level is investing in a music studio. While some people rent out studios, it’s more convenient to have one right in your home. If you’re serious about your music, playing in the garage just […]

Women We Love – Lucy Pinder

    The lovely Lucy Pinder is a vision of beauty that often graces the pages of magazines like FHM and Nuts in the UK. The naturally busty beauty has appeared on many covers and we hope to see more of her. She might be one of the most well known glamour models, and its hard […]

Women We Love – Tatiana Mityushina

One look at Tatiana “Tanya” Mityushina and you’ll likely be thankful that her favorite wardrobe ensembles appear to be a mix between lingerie and bikinis. Tanya hails from Russia and appeared as a model in the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. We expect many great things to come from her.  

Women We Love – Instagram Angels

If you’ve been struggling to decide who some of the top angels are on Instagram, we’d like to offer our own opinion on the matter (not that you asked). Our requirements were quite simple (and brilliant if you ask us). She had to actually be found on Instagram (this one is more important than it […]

Men’s Health Box – Awesome, Not Themed

We prefer our martini’s shaken, not stirred, and our monthly boxes awesome, but not necessarily themed.” One dollar a day can buy you a cup of cheap coffee, a cheap beer, a bottle of cheap shampoo, or a cheap thrill from a lottery ticket. The main point here is that whatever you get – it will probably […]

Dr. Jess O’Reilly on What Every Man Should Know About Sex

Every man experiences only a few special women in his lifetime. These are the kind of women who bring out the best in your appearance, confidence, energy, and everything you do. And when you do run across one of these opportunities, we suggest to be prepared to make her happy – otherwise, some other man […]

Women That Blew Up The Internet

Explosions are awesome, but we particularly like the causation behind some of the biggest ones recorded in history. We’re talking about a few of the most well-proportioned bikini bods who also happen to mimic the silhouette of one of the sexiest and most combustive muscle cars of the 1960’s – a Chevrolet Corvette split window. […]