Hottie of the Week – Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Feast your eyes on miss Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Probably best known as a model for Victoria’s Secret lingerie, she also appeared in the film Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Hottie of the Week – Jessica Ashley

Jessica Ashley is an exquisite example of a beautiful woman and its easy to see why she was chosen as Playboy’s Miss June of 2014. Jessica Ashley is a common name found on the internet. However, here’s a tip: When you want the THIS Jessica, just Google “sexy Jessica Ashley,” and you can bypass the rest […]

Hotties of the Week – Beautiful

I had a guy come up to me today and say, Doc, you pay tribute to all these sexy women, but I bet you don’t have one to show for it? I said, That’s true, I prefer the beautiful ones, and I never date less than nine at one time.

Hottie of the Week – Sara Sampaio

Sara Sampaio is a two time Portuguese Golden Globe winner for the Best Female Model from 2011 to 2012, and we’d like to nominate her for 2013. You may have enjoyed watching her in this months Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2013 (ignore Bieber), and according to Portuguese GQ she is the “eighth wonder of the […]

Hottie of the Week – Kate Moss

Kate Moss was not always the train wreck she is today. In fact, there was a time when she was actually “hottie of the week”, like she is this week.

Hottie of the Week – Jalien Reyneke

Say hello to South African model Jalien Reyneke. I bet you wonder where she’s been hiding? South African, we can safely assume. Some think she might be the next Candice Swanepoel, but only time will tell.

Hottie of the Week – Nathalie Edenburg

Fashion model Nathalie Edenburg is a Brazilian born beauty that appears to have it all figured out as far as we can tell.

Babe Tribute – Mila Ryzhkova

We know very little about Mila Ryzhkova other than she’s a model from the Ukraine. But judging from her online popularity, big things might be ahead for her.

Babe Tribute – Dorotea Zoric

This beauty that goes by the name, Dorotea Zoric, hails from Croatia.

Babe Tribute – Liliana Henao

Colombian beauty Liliana Henao is today’s reason why it’s great to be a man.