Insider Tips From the Grooming Lounge

The Grooming Lounge is one of the 50 best websites we recommend that every man become well acquainted with–and for good reason. Not only do we like their products and services, but they also have a lot of experience with men’s related grooming issues and concerns. This includes shaving, getting rid of excess body hair, making […]

Blind Barber Sheffield Shave Kit

Okay men, let’s get a few things straight. Well, two things really. A blind barber = bad Blind Barber Sheffield kit= good This dopp kit comes with a leather case, brass hardware, watermint gin facial cleanser, shave cream, and an aftershave soother. This is everything a gentleman should ever need for a smoother, more touchable […]

When Movember Rolls Around

Movember is here, and we’d like to remind you to support it by growing a stache. There are no hard and fast rules about the particular style. However, we do suggest choosing something that will be easy to maintain.     This is because once you have it, you’ll want to keep it well-groomed so […]

Shave With Jack Black

Long before technology devised quintuplet bladed razors that oozed face cream and moisturizer across your sensitive skin, there was what is now known as the old way of doing things. This manly morning ritual involved lathering up and mowing down the facial lawn to make one self presentable before seizing the day. In the event […]

Biotherm Homme Aquafitness

For those occasions when you want to smell like a man, yet avoid the reek of old or spicy, Biotherm Homme Aquafitness has the female approved scent of mint, lemon, and mandarin. These scents are followed by a hint of sweet honeysuckle and cedar, and finished off with the traditional amber musk and sandalwood. The […]

Klhip High-Tech Nail Clippers

I bet you never expected a set of high tech nail clippers to show up within your lifetime? Klhip has actually gone to great lengths to make sure these clippers would go unchallenged for probably the next thousand years. We’re talking about surgical 440 stainless steel, a precise cut that would  embarrass  any Chinese nail salon, and an  ergonomic  body that […]

Grooming – Braun Cool Tec

We could tell you all about the active cooling technology automatically that cools the skin while you shave, or even the SensoBlade technology that helps to capture any hairs growing in different directions for ultimate smoothness. However, we like the Braun Cool Tec shaving system because it actually does what it’s supposed to do–really well. The lack […]

Manpacks, Because Shopping Sucks

Sure, we all like to go out and shop for a few brews,  a case of Ultra Magnum condoms, and the chic (or two) who notices the magnums in our cart. However, when it comes to shopping for toothpaste, shaving cream, and socks… not so much. This is where Manpacks comes in, which is an internet […]

Winter Style

Just because Jack Frost is nipping at your toes, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for warmth and comfort. Each season brings a new opportunity to express your personality, and the coldest months actually offer more fashion options and accessories than any other time of the year. Take advantage of this with Urbasm’s recommended reading […]

Grooming Essentials for the Made Man

Men treat themselves to the best cars, home theater systems, and smart phones. However, when it comes the essentials of grooming, we tend to go second rate. When was the last time that you really thought about the equipment you’re using to get a close, clean shave. If your a man that is worth nothing […]