Where Can You Find a Good Pumpkin Ale?

It’s that time of year again, and we’ve been ‘jonesing’ for a cold pumpkin ale, and you know what, there just aren’t that many of them out there. And the worst part is, if you do find one, you’ve got about a 20 percent chance of it tasting half of a decent. To keep you […]

Urbasm’s COTM – Man O’ War

It’s raining cannons and Desert Eagle 50-calibers outside the Urbasm basecamp today, and we need a COTM (Cocktail of the Moment). Something with a little tang to go with the toothpaste that is still fresh on our tongue, yet enough kick to knock us on our ass by noon–we’re talking about a Man O’ War. […]

Mama Walker’s Breakfast Liquors

Do you remember those Sunday morning breakfasts that mamma used to make? A stack of blueberry pancakes, some bacon, and a swig of Johnny Walker to wash it all down. Well, Johnny Walker’s mother knows that most bachelors don’t have time to cook all that stuff themselves. In fact, most of us just leave it […]

Spirits of the Spa

Coming this summer to a spa near you, are a collection of booze-based spa treatments designed to relax your mind, nourish your body, and sooth your aching muscles. Hot summer months are synonymous with ice-cold brews—but beer isn’t just for cooling down these days. A host of sophisticated spas are looking to beer, along with […]

5 Cocktails Worthy of Men

If you’re not one for downing bubba beers at the local drink and drool, yet, you like your specialty beverages with a little more kick than fufu decor, these five wonders of the mixology/cocktail world come highly recommended by our in-house bartender. Window Pane– The Window Pane takes a few steps beyond the border of […]