Alyssa Monks Paints Nude Women in Shower

Alyssa Monks is a gifted artist whose medium is oil-based paint, and her subject is nude women in the shower or bath tub. And since this is considered art, you can actually applaud the nipples in the below image, and you are still just a critic, rather than a dirty man.

8 Notebooks To Get Organized In Style

Since the dawn of time, man has had the irresistible urge to write and tell stories. Some guys are more the story tellers, while others simply take notes to remember the milk. Whoever you are, being a man with a plan… takes having a plan, and even more importantly–remembering them. And if you think your […]

Celebrity Mindset Coach, Sam Chauhan, Tells Us Three Things Every Guy Should Know

Sam Chauhan is responsible for the success of hundreds of athletes, poker players, and Fortune 500 professionals. So when he told us three things that he thought we ought to know; we listened–and you should probably too. Materialism Doesn’t Create Happiness Happiness comes from within your inner core. You can’t control all of the things […]

Finding Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden has been in the spotlight a lot lately, and the most recent buzz was about some modeling headshots. The Daily Beast mentioned some modeling career photos of NSA leaker Edward Snowden (aka TheTrueHOOHA) with the caption; …’questionable’ people interested in his work, so I was actually a little worried he might, you know, try to […]

Recycled Castle

They say a man’s home is his castle, which for most people in Colorado includes a ranch-style house, two-car garage, mortgage, brown picket fence, and a schnauzer named Foo-Foo. However, for Donald “Cano” Espinoza, the saying has more of a traditional meaning. Some people in his hometown of Antonito, Colorado (South of Alamosa, population<1000), might […]

High Fashion Photography Visualisations

Liquid illustrations made from milk and water, frozen in time for high fashion.     Aurum Light is a studio created by Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz providing a service that covers Photography & Videography, Graphics Postproduction, 3D Visualisation, Casting, Styling and more. See the pin up girls photoshoot for more.

Real Men Use a Keurig

Real men do not have a secretary. Neither do they have a glorified office wife who knows the difference between powder and freshly ground coffee beans. The real men we know bypass the middle-woman and get their coffee straight from a robot. Keurig K-Cup Home Brewer ($120) is a simple option that enables even the […]

Simon Mann: Tale of a Mercenary

Take a third world country, mix in the conspiracy to overthrow a political leader, the celebrity involvement of Sir Mark Thatcher, the blunderings of an over-privileged British mercenary, and suddenly you have a tale worthy of the world’s attention. The Simon Mann story has only begun to unfold, but what has been pieced together so […]