Short Sleeve Button Down Summer Shirts You Should Own

Summer is in full swing, which means your button-down shirts should be in half swing. In other words, they should be short-sleeved, classically cut, fitted (unless you’ve got something to hide), lightweight, and with the top couple of buttons left chilling.

With that in mind, we’d like to share with you a couple of our favorite short-sleeved button-downs that we think would look great on you this summer.

Hugo Boss
Ivory Suede Leather

Suede leather in the middle of Summer? You bet, especially if your final destination is both epic and sometime during the evening.

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Tommy Bahama
Royal Bermuda Camp

Most guys can pull off leather and laces (casual sneakers), but some prefer the tropical influence of a genuine Tommy Bahama Camp. This is accented appropriately with side vents, coconut buttons, 70% silk (30% Cocona), a rounded chest pocket, and the classic embroidered Marlin.

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Robert Graham
Master of Pop

There are Hawaiian print sports shirts, and then there is Robert Graham. The embroidery on this shirt sets it apart from the mundane, along with its extra clean lines and white cotton ‘canvas’ that contrasts nicely with its sketch-pad influence of color.

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Tommy Hilfiger
Regular Classic Fit

What’s with the name ‘Tommy’ that allows a designer to get a shirt sleeve button down just right? All we know is there are a lot of designers working hard to produce something unique and different, but most guys appreciate the classic fit and function of a genuine Hilfiger. We are talking about 100% cotton, color-matched buttons, machine washable, and a no-fuss – wear it and done.

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Everyday SS

But what should a guy wear for, you know, everyday wear? Well, it’s a good thing that brands like Oakley offer the distinction in their shirt names, hence the “Everyday Ss”. All jokes aside, these are well-built cotton shirts from a brand that understands that their customers like to play dirty, and not return home looking like a horse that’s been ridden hard, and then… well, you get the point.

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