First Date Fashion Rules: How to Make a Great Impression

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When we do not want to sound superficial, we claim that looks don’t matter. However, in the world of dating, they really do, and that is the ugly truth. You won’t be attracted to a woman because she is smart, intelligent, or funny, all of that comes later when you get to know her. You will be attracted to her because she looks great, right? Well, the same rules apply when women are choosing their partners. When she goes out with you, you will have only a couple of seconds to make a good first impression, and your sense of style will play a significant role.

Ladies care about appearances and are drawn to attractive looking men. Dressing sharp shows that you made an effort to impress her, and that is a huge plus. If you show up dressed like a frat guy, you will need to go out of your way to prove that you are not just another man-child who lives in his mother’s basement and plays video games all day, every day. With a stylish outfit you can drastically improve your chances of getting to a second date, so follow these tips if you want to make a great impression.

Don’t overdo it

Clothes say a lot about a man, and your outfit shouldn’t reveal your whole life story on your first date. Even if you like to express your unique personality with funky hats and colorful boots, stick to solid colors, good-quality fabrics, and clothes that fit. This way you will easily complement your date’s outfit and ease her into your world.

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Right fit over expensive things

You can wear an outfit that costs thousands of dollars, but it if doesn’t fit you properly, you will instantly lose your attractiveness points. Ill-fitting clothes can make you seem sloppy and fatter, while a lot of women associate loose-fitting pants with their dads. Is that really something you want to accomplish? When your clothes fit you properly, you can look amazing in anything, even if you are just wearing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

Wear a stylish accessory

Women pay attention to details, so don’t think she won’t notice your cool belt buckle or your fancy watch. There are so many stylish jewelry pieces for men to choose from, just pick something that goes with your outfit. However, keep in mind that less is more, so don’t overdo it. One interesting piece can be a good conversation starter and let her know that you have a great sense of style.

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A leather jacket is always a good choice

Nothing screams ‘hot’ quite like a black leather jacket. It is an item that oozes elegance, masculinity, and success, so make sure you have one in your closet. A great leather jacket will help you seem like a sophisticated man, and not a lost boy who refuses to grow up.

Leave your suit at home

Although every woman likes a man who knows how to wear a suit, this type of outfit is not suitable for a first date. It will make you seem like you have just come from a meeting with your business partners and didn’t have time to change. The first date is a time when you should be natural, relaxed and charming, and that can be a challenge if you are all buttoned-up. Also, avoid wearing a tie because it will look like you are trying too hard. Instead, opt for a collared shirt. This piece of clothing is the best of both worlds because it is the perfect combination of classy and casual.

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You cannot go wrong with a pair of boots

Since you shouldn’t be too casually dressed on your first date, leave your sneakers at home and go with a pair of boots. It doesn’t matter whether they are slip-ons or lace-ups, they will make you stand straighter, appear taller and give you that rock star vibe women are drawn to.

Do not experiment with your hair

When you are meeting a potential partner for the first time, you should stick to what you know. Maybe you always wanted to try something new with your hair, but now is not the time to experiment. Instead, get your hair trimmed one week before the big day and use your same old barber. This way you can easily avoid a likely disaster.

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Women only need a couple of seconds to decide whether or not they want to date you, and once they determine that you are not boyfriend material, you will need to bring your A-game to convince them otherwise. A bad outfit can place you in the ‘no’ pile, so do yourself a favor and follow these basic fashion rules.

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