Eugenia Kuzmina Bares All, and Then Some

Photo Credit: Antoine Verglas and the Eugenia Kuzmina 2018 calendar

The holiday is a time to give back. A time to think of others who are less fortunate, help them out, and expect nothing in return. But when you can get something awesome in exchange for such a gift… well, that’s a win-win in our book.

This holiday season, model, actress, and entrepreneur Eugenia Kuzmina, is gifting hurricane victims with much-needed aid, while also sharing a very intimate portion of herself inside her 2018 calendar. But this is not just any nude calendar. It is a masterpiece of art conceptualized from the minds of both Eugenia and famed photographer, Antoine Verglas. The story is set on the beautiful Caribean beaches of St. Bart, the mood is sensual, and the characters include the essential elements of sun, sand, rock, water, and of course, Eugenia.

And who is this beautiful woman? She is a model by nature, an actress by passion, and a comedian by gift. She has been working since the age of 13 and has had the pleasure to appear on such covers as Vogue, Marie Claire, W, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour. She has worked with such stars as Bill Murray, Christopher Walken, Chuck Norris, Kate Hudson, and Bruce Willis. But there is also a sensual side of Eugenia that lies beyond all these accomplishments.

A side of Eugenia that we’d like to share with you now:


Urbasm: Hello Eugenia.

Eugenia Kuzmina: Hi. Happy holidays.

Urbasm: Yes, happy holidays to you too. We heard you were in New York.

Eugenia Kuzmina: Just with my family and talking about some projects for the future. Kind of mixing family and work.

Urbasm: That’s how you’ve got to work it sometimes.

Eugenia Kuzmina: I am really excited to talk with you. It was great to be a part of Urbasm last time, and I love what you do.

Urbasm: Thank you very much! That is very kind of you to say.

Eugenia Kuzmina: You’re welcome.

Urbasm: Okay, so we’ve had a sneak peek at your calendar, and it is fantastic! We loved it. Tell us how that all got started?

Photo Credit: Antoine Verglas and the Eugenia Kuzmina 2018 calendar

Eugenia Kuzmina: I met with Antoine Verglas who is an amazing photographer. He is just an amazing lensman. Both Antoine and I have been working for a really long time in this business and we thought about how we can give back with something that we can do. For a long time, he has been a good friend of mine, and I also met an amazing makeup artist, Donna Fumoso, and we talked about how we can do something for the environment. We were thinking to support the environmental issues, but a week after we chose the location there was that hurricane that happened. So we decided to focus the charity for hurricane relief. I chose the charities that are close to my heart and I know personally. And that is how everything came together.

Urbasm: And it came together well.

Eugenia Kuzmina: And also, my dad was a nuclear scientist back in Russia when I was growing up. He was really supportive of ecology and the climate situation. So I grew up around the issues, and for me, it was a part of my life to support nature.

Urbasm: A nuclear scientist?

Eugenia Kuzmina: Yes, he was a smart guy (laughs). I just became a bombshell.

Urbasm: (laughs) What was it like to be nude in St. Barts? Beautiful we’d imagine.

Eugenia Kuzmina: People ask why I would shoot nude because I think a lot of people confuse that association. America is associated with something sexy, but for me, it is more associated with natural beauty. We were trying to portray that, and that is my message. I felt that if we were to bring any clothes to the shoot, it would be more about fashion, and we wanted to make it about nature. For me, a human body should represent something natural. We were trying to make the calendar about the environment and natural beauty and bring a different message. As a model, we can portray different messages with our body language, and we were trying to portray me as part of the environment. It is about sensuality and a natural feel. It is time to bring that back. To be less about separating each other, and more about accepting who you are within your power.

Urbasm: That description is very sensual in itself.

Eugenia Kuzmina: Being feminine is very sensual and natural. I love the author, Brené Brown, and her latest book about the wilderness. It is not about dehumanizing people, but coming to the next step where you can embrace yourself and your differences.

Urbasm: Your differences?

Eugenia Kuzmina: Yes, that and to be who you are.

Urbasm: We like that message.

Eugenia Kuzmina: I am a mother, so it is really interesting to be an example for them. And it is important for me to give the message of not shaming someone, but to be more accepting. Right?

Urbasm: We think you nailed it with this calendar.

Eugenia Kuzmina: Thank you so much. The organizations I am supporting – one is the Peace Fund. I have been working with Adrian Paul for a number of years. He is an actor from The Highlander, but also, he has this amazing organization. I love that he works with underfunded charities, which are really small. So, you can really see where the proceeds go, which is super important to me. Another one is Fonkoze, who supports Haiti. One hundred percent of their funds go back to the charities.

Urbasm: Excellent. I had not heard of those.

Eugenia Kuzmina: Yeah, they are pretty small, but I can put my name behind that because I am sure of the actions.

Urbasm: And that is huge when you do a project like this.

Eugenia Kuzmina: Yes.

Photo Credit: Antoine Verglas and the Eugenia Kuzmina 2018 calendar

Urbasm: Indulge us with one curiosity. In the February 2019 photo inside your calendar, there is a plane flying up behind you as you are walking down the runway wearing only one piece of luggage. That photo stood out to us as being much different than any of the others. What is the story behind that?

Eugenia Kuzmina: That was just creativity. I think both me and Antoine have the personality of being a little bit of rebels.

Urbasm: (laughs)

Eugenia Kuzmina: I think we can shoot something else next year.

Urbasm: That would be great to see what you two can come up with for a followup 2019 calendar. And speaking of that – What else do you have coming up in 2018?

Eugenia Kuzmina: There are some movies coming out next year. There is one with Todd Strauss Schulson. He is an amazing writer/Director and the movie is called, Isn’t it Romantic. He is up and coming, and we shot in New York. It is a comedy with Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth. It is just amazing to work with artists who are really talented and self-made.

Urbasm: Nice.

Eugenia Kuzmina: And also, the Comedy Store. It has really been fun and I hope to see more people coming. I think it is a great medium for women. It has been sold out since the election.

Urbasm: (laughs) No kidding.

Eugenia Kuzmina: I feel like people need to laugh. And also, I am doing a few action films in South America.

Urbasm: Do you get to do any of your own stunts?

Eugenia Kuzmina: I am just starting to train for that.

Urbasm: Well, kick some butt for us.


Help support hurricane victims by purchasing Eugenia’s 2018 calendar on Amazon.  And you can learn more about this incredibly funny and talented woman at, or by following her on any of her social media channels, including TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.


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Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created, a site for every guy.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created, a site for every guy.