The Roundup – Man of Character

A man of quality and character is not built by the awesome stuff he collects, but by the ideas and memories he both receives and gives away. There are very few things that will not lose their luster over time, excluding Rolex, certain classic cars, and your legacy. And if we look at what drives the popularity of such items – you may be thinking that expense and exclusivity should be at the top of that list.

But in reality, what builds character in a modern world is value. And in order to cultivate value, you need to spend hours in the field trying new ideas, failing, and then starting all over again. And while many of the greatest men the world has ever seen have monopolized this process starting from scratch – we ask why?

The man of character no longer needs to reinvent the mousetrap over and over again in order to build a better one. He just needs to connect with the people who are already on top of that chain. And when it comes to building more character into your legacy, these are a few of the sites we would highly recommend investing some quality time in – regularly.


Suburban Men – morning fitness motivation

Stag Dispatch – interesting stories and tales

Cool Material – Frankensteined; 1967 Mustang Is a Corvette in Disguise

Art of Manliness – 101 style tips for men

Made Man – 6 drinking games for any age

Man of Many – Man of Character – George Costanza


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Single and sexy. Hello ladies..

About Max Green

Single and sexy. Hello ladies..