20 Things Guys Do That Women Hate


Hey you! Yeah, you reading this article. I’d hazard a good guess that you are currently harboring a few habits that a good portion of women hate. It doesn’t take much to irritate us women, but the results can lead to a dismal dating card, poor pickup line performance, feeling lonely at the water cooler, and lots and lots of cold showers. But it doesn’t have to be this way, and it’s not like you have to give up these habits for good, but just keep them in check whenever you’re around one of us members of the opposite sex.

I’m going to make it real simple for you. These are the 20 things you should avoid:

Masters Degree in Lazy 18

1. Mr. Lazy-

After a tough day, a man has a right to be a little lazy, we get that. But most women weren’t with you throughout that long day, so when you get home and lay on the couch, all we can see is ‘lazy’. One way is to give in (as much as you hate it) and tell us women about your tough day. It sucks, but she will understand your desire to do nothing. Your other option is to get her involved in everything you’re passionate about. Women dig men who are motivated about life, including your family, fitness, appearance, fashion, and foreplay skills.

2. Text and Run- If you start a chat with, “What’s up?” You better be prepared to finish it, because us women hate when you drop us like that and we don’t hear from you for the next three hours.

3. Dishonest Intensions- Women can be into a guy who only wants sex. But if you lie to us about that fact – forget it.

4. Grammar Illiterate- Women look at everything a man does to suggest who he is. And a man who doesn’t take the time to use proper grammar just might also be too lazy to make sure we have a proper orgasm. Enough said.


5. Lack of Snapchat Etiquette-

Those sexy pics us women leave on your phone every now and then are awesome, eh men? Yeah, but women don’t think it’s very awesome when you open them up and forget to reply properly. And the fact that you reply at all puts you slightly ahead of the rest, but the preferred action is to take a little time and creativity to send something back just as good. If you don’t – to a woman, it’s kind of like presenting you with a Hublot watch and you throwing us back a rock with a bow on it while making a clicky sound with your mouth and pointing your finger at us.

6. Phone Thief- no matter how much you think a woman is ‘your girl.” I can guarantee her phone is still 100% only hers, so keep your hands off!

7. Indecisive– Women may not like to be told what to do, but we do like to be treated to a night that you have planned all yourself. Don’t ask us what we want to do about every little thing, as trust me, we will tell you if we really don’t want to do something.

8. The Jackhammer- When Jesse Jane says women like it “hard and good,” there is nowhere in that description that suggests ‘jackhammer fast’ equates to either one of these.

Young man wrapped in blanket on edge of bed

9. Mr. Jekyll and Mr. Dirty-

Women pay attention to the cleanliness of a man, but you probably already knew that and make sure to wash and dry your clothes before every date. It should also be common sense to wash and dry your towels and bed sheets, because if she goes far enough to see these and they are not as neat and tidy as the rest of your appearance, she’ll assume everything she’s seen so far has been a sham and you’ll likely end up taking another cold shower.

10.The Comparer- Women do not like to be compared to your other ex’s [or mother], so don’t make the mistake of thinking it will egg us on to do something we don’t want to.

11. Mr. Forget– If you think that the excuse, “I forgot,” forgives you of anything you’ve done wrong in this world – it does not. What women prefer is a humble and meaningful apology.

12. The Monthly Reminder- Men like to show us their vast detective skills by guessing our monthly PMS schedule, especially when we are doing things that are annoying you. Here’s a tip: Your monthly reminders are annoying us even more, so please stop.


13. Unwelcome Food Critiquer-

I say, ‘unwelcome’ food critiques, but I’m going to tell you right now that just about any food critique is unwelcome by most women. You see, us women have a lot of media pressure to look a certain way. There are diet ads in our favorite magazines and super skinny models featured in all our favorite stores. The last things any woman needs is you making a commentary about her eating a cookie when she really needs that ‘damn cookie’.

14. Dentist Avoider- Krystle Lina reminded us several months back just how important a dentist is to a man who enjoys kissing sexy women like Krystle. Trust me when I say, we know when you aren’t, and it isn’t doing you any favors.

15. Panty Dropper– Treat a woman’s underwear like an Omega Speedmaster watch. In other words, when you slip them off our feet, fold them up neatly and set them in a clean and secure place. We put a lot of thought into which panties we were going to wear for you, so let us know you appreciate it.

16. Mr. Try Too Hard– Men like to impress, and us women appreciate that. But if you really want to impress us, go ahead and dress up, wash up really good, but then just be the best version of yourself. Don’t bother trying to be someone you’re not, because it will always backfire.


17. Bad Tippers-

Women don’t particularly appreciate cheap men, but this tip is not what it sounds. There has recently been a rash of men asking us women for sex, and when we turn them down they plead – “just the tip.” Come on! Has any really attractive and sexy woman ever fallen for this? I doubt it, so stop embarrassing yourselves.

18. Wandering Eyes- Men look at other women, we get that. But we do expect you can keep your eyes on us for the length of one date. Is that too much to ask?

19. Mr. Opinion- You may think that you are a great judge of character, but you have not lived our lives and childhoods and discovered the paths that led to our friendships. So if you have something bad to say about one of these friends, keep it to yourself, as you are certainly not doing us [and definitely not you] a favor by expressing it.

20. Bragger- A real man who has some pretty great things going on, does not need to brag about it. Enough said.


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