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Tough Mudder Vs Old Spice Hardest Working Collection

A Guinea Pig Rolls in the Mud A recent trip to Cincinnati proved I haven’t learned everything there is to know about pork just yet.  Its local industries truly show why “This Little Piggy Went to Market”, underscoring a rich German heritage in the region. Candle-maker, William Procter, and soap impresario, James Gamble, both recycled […]

Women We Love – Gigi Hadid

The extraordinary Gigi Hadid caught our eye some time ago and we’ve been meaning to share. Gigi is both an SI swimsuit and Victoria’s Secret model, and it’s easy to see how she got the job.       Also be sure to check out Gigi Hadid’s video for SI, coz you’d be sorry if you don’t. Also […]

Confident Not Cocky: How to Have a Great Date

Whether you’ve just gotten out of a long-term relationship or you are dating for the first time, self-esteem and confidence play a major role on how your dating life goes. When you jump back into the dating scene, it can be hard to adjust from being comfortable with where you are. But no matter where […]

Women We Love – Out Of Your League

She is sexy, confident, sassy, sophisticated, curious, mysterious, curvaceous, silky and glamorous. She may even be a little out of your league, but only if you allow it. A truly spectacular woman is not easy to come by. But if you do happen to discover one during your daily travels, there are three rules you […]

Women We Love – Asian Beauty

Asia is known for its silky smooth rivers, curvaceous valleys, woven fields, complex architecture and shimmering sunsets. And this landscape can appear even more beautiful when shared with the company of a beautiful woman. Is it Asia that makes a woman beautiful, or is it the woman who makes Asia appear so stunning? We answer: […]

Women We Love – Adrienn Levai

The mesmerizing Adrienn Levai is not only easy on the eyes, she’s a former playmate and international model. And there is something rather special about a woman who travels the world in search of beauty and glamour… She eventually finds it.  

Women We Love – Sexy Stockings

  What is one of the first things that a woman puts on in the morning, and should be one of the last things she takes off at the close of the night? And we thought long and hard about this riddle, and could not come up with a single answer. But we did come […]

Women We Love – Dare to Bare

Have you ever noticed a woman who was wearing a revealing and sexy see through shirt, dress, or bikini? A woman who seemed unafraid to bare it all to the world, and wanted you to see, but you turned the other cheek? Perhaps you were too much of a gentleman and didn’t want her to see. But […]

Women We Love – Hope Beel

Do you believe in health, confidence, happiness and the pursuit of a better body? Well, that is at least four things that you have in common with the super sexy and fit model, Hope Beel. Hope runs her own Fitness business and currently hangs her jumping rope in Dallas Texas if you’re down for a […]

Supercharge Your Skin, Reduce Under Eye Bags

With my birthday looming a few weeks away, it’s only natural to criticize how I’m aging.  Every guy has a baseline for grooming that usually includes a razor blade, shaving cream, and the other basic necessities, but lately, I’ve realized my skin needs more than that.  One thing I’ve noticed is exfoliating cream and moisturizer […]