Top 5 Tips for Doing Vegas Right

A great Vegas vacation is only as great as the amount of planning that goes into it. Here are our top 5 tips for doing Vegas the way she likes it. Tip 1: Get Here on a Monday and Leave on Thursday– When it comes to most adventures, the weekends offer the greatest amount of […]

What I Love About Vegas

I was asked the other day what I loved about Vegas. Well, I said. Las Vegas can be a great way to pass a little time, a whole lot of money, and a weeks worth of your proverbial wad. What truly amazes me is how clean the Vegas streets are during the day. Then, the second […]

2 Weekend Bags by Moore and Giles

We’ve talked about man bags and murse’s before. However, sometimes a man needs a bit more room for all his stuff. We’re not talking about this much room… How about something more manageable, like a classic weekend duffel. Whether your destination is the Alaskan mountains or the beaches of Key West, most men choose to […]

Seven Wonders of the Modern World

There are the original, seven wonders of the world… and then there are these seven “man-made” structures that have captured the spirit of the modern world. The Channel Tunnel Location: The English Channel (Between France and England) Completed in 1994, the “Chunnel,” as it is sometimes referred is a 31 mile long rail tunnel that […]

Colorado’s Greatest Road Trips

When was the last time you loaded up the car and had a proper summer road trip through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado? Colorado used to be a hidden treasure chest of precious metals, but today most of that treasure has been cashed in. In fact, many of Colorado’s ghost towns and mining areas have […]

Man’s Travel Roundup

The man on the go has several things to consider before he sets off on a trip (be it business or pleasure). We’re talking about such common concerns as, which luggage to bring, how to entertain himself while waiting for the plane, and whether or not his luggage is even going to be along for […]