9 Principles of a Lasting Relationship

Men, we know that navigating dating with success can be difficult. However, it can be simplified by using the nine simple principles of a lasting relationship, which has been adapted from the Carnegie classic, How to Win Friends & Influence People. While this advice has traditionally been set in terms of how to improve your […]

How to Be a Man… and Kick Ass

There are a lot of naysayers out there who think that men have forgot how to kick ass. We’re not talking about grabbing a crowbar and beating the tar out of someone; but rather learning a skill, perfecting it, and then working to be the best at it. If you are ready to rise above […]

Morning Link Dump – July 18, 2013

Being a classy gentleman takes more than good  hygiene, a clean pressed suit, tie, pocket square, and the ability to form a complete sentence while texting. It takes a combination of attitude, style, experience, intuition; plus a little advice from other guys who know what they’re talking about. How to Be A Classy Gentleman – Playboy The […]

Motivate to Succeed

A lot of guys think that a successful career takes planning for the future. However, what they often forget, is that there is no substitute for living for today… and by that, we mean, get out there (now) and make success happen.

Dr. Tom Potisk Explains Three Things Every Guy Should Know

Dr. Tom Potisk (a.k.a. the “Down-to-Earth” Doctor) is a holistic family practitioner, and author of Whole Health Healing: The Budget Friendly Natural Wellness Bible for All Ages. We asked the good doc what he thought was the three most important bits of advice he’d give to men about their health and fitness. Maintain your Physical Body […]

Survivors – Buried Under Six Stories of Haiti Ruble

I traveled to Haiti to shoot some video for our program at Compassion International. I was returning to my hotel (Hotel Montana) that afternoon. As I entered the lobby, the earthquake hit. The walls shook; the ground beneath me started to move, and within three-seconds everything had collapsed, and I was clenched in darkness. I […]

Morning Link Dump, June 27

Self help is never very practical. If you could really help yourself, you wouldn’t need so much self medication (Johnny Walker). Here’s a few bits of “how to” advice that almost any guy can follow. How to be a Jerk, and Get Acknowledged in the Process – iambored How to Get Drunk with Class – […]

Am I Average?

If you have ever wondered if you were average before, we’ve got some interesting statistics for you. Most importantly, the average man… (get ready for this) does not picture himself as average at all. The majority of us consider ourselves to be more successful, intelligent, more handsome, in better health, and much happier than the […]

Fitness Expert, Jonathan Ross, Shares Three Things Every Guy Should Know

Jonathan Ross is an award-winning fitness professional, and author of several fitness books, including Abs Revealed: a modern, intelligent approach to abdominal training. We asked Jonathan what were his three golden rules of being a success in life, and this is what he had to say: Success is Living up to Your Potential Not everyone […]

Three Cheers for Beer

Okay, okay… enough cheering; let’s get down to business. I’m going to tell you straight, honest, and clear; most beer drinkers are complete assholes! I am not speaking of you and me, of course; just everyone else. Haven’t you ever noticed these idiots while you’re at the bar? They are either falling off of their bar stools, […]