The Roundup – 200 Women All Men Should Love

Lindsey Pelas hot

The world is a pretty big place when you think about all the beautiful women that have already been (and are waiting to be) discovered. But unfortunately, we’re talking about millions of women over thousands of years.

It’s the age old problem of ‘too many women and not enough time’. But we’d like to help put that time and those numbers a little more on your side.

The average man only lives to be around 73 years old. So we figure if you’d average around 200 amazing women per week, you’d be off to a pretty good start. And so we’ve enlisted the help from a few of our most trusted BFOW’s (brothers from other websites) to seek these hidden women out.

And we think you’re going to find this first batch of amazing women – well, truly amazing!  -Godspeed


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