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Power Reading – 9 Great Reads For Motivated Men

Some men power lift, while others prefer to power nap. We prefer to combine the two into what we call a power read. These are the kind of books that can energize a man, build up his mind, boost ideas, inspire and teach him how to fish in a world where a good portion of […]

Women We Love – 6 Pack and the Gun Show

If you’re a fan of lovely fitness ladies that aren’t afraid to flaunt it, we’ve got you covered. While it was taboo little more than a decade ago and considered unfeminine, things have changed. Nowadays, guys appreciate a fit women with curves over the overly thing. As they say, strong is the new sexy.   Also […]

Whole Home Generators: Coping with Any Crisis [Infographic]

What would you do if you were involved in a blackout that lasted several days, or even longer than a week? Plenty of people think that they’re prepared. They have flashlights, canned goods, bottled water, and boxes full of batteries. Having an emergency preparedness kit is always a good idea, but it might not protect […]