Whole Home Generators: Coping with Any Crisis [Infographic]

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What would you do if you were involved in a blackout that lasted several days, or even longer than a week? Plenty of people think that they’re prepared. They have flashlights, canned goods, bottled water, and boxes full of batteries. Having an emergency preparedness kit is always a good idea, but it might not protect you from a prolonged blackout during the extreme temperatures of summer and winter.

Instead of spending so much time and money collecting batteries that will only power small flashlights for a few days, some families decide to install whole-home generators. In the infographic published below by Black Diamond Plumbing & Mechanical, you will see that there are several advantages to having one of these systems installed in your house. One of the most impressive features is that whole-house generators run off natural gas or propane, so you can connect them directly to your home’s line. Instead of filling up the generator when you need to make electricity, the system does all of the hard work for you.

Filling your basement with survival gear might make you feel prepared, but it doesn’t solve the larger problem: blackouts can last for days. During that time, you and your family could suffer from extreme cold or heat (depending on the season). Perhaps worst of all, everyone will have to contend with days of unending boredom. The novelty of a blackout wears out quickly. Eventually, living without electricity starts to take a mental as well as a physical toll on your well-being.


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