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The Roundup – Manprovement

  To succeed in this world a man must endure a good portion of trial and error. But thanks to a few of our good friends around the internet, many of these errors have been already sorted out, leaving you, our good reader, with only the good stuff to try for yourself. Today we have […]

Women We Love – Helga Lovekaty

The lovely Helga Lovekaty hails from Saint Petersburg, and might just be our favorite import, next to Stolichnaya. The Russian model has become an Instagram sensation but there isn’t a lot of info in English about her. We’re fans of Helga, and wonder whether miss Lovekaty will share more. Until then, we’ll have to make do with her assets and hidden […]

The Gentlemen’s Guide to Ending a Horrible Date

She eats like Gollum, wears too much perfume – and her cat absolutely hates you. You could always be brutally honest and say you just want to be friends, or that your bowels are preparing to unleash a tsunami in your trousers, but some situations require a little more finesse than drama. For whatever reason, […]

4 Ways for Men to Get a Better Nights Rest

A quality night of sleep is closely related to how you feel as well as to how productive you are at work. Research suggests that the amount of sleep you receive directly impacts all phases of your life. As a man, you may not prioritize sleep the way that you should, though. Here are four […]

18 Reasons We Love the Beach

Why do we love the beach so much? Let us count the ways and see if you agree that life is better at the beach! The sun and the sand with a drink in your hand, unplug and recharge your soul. 1. The perfect backdrop to meet new friends. 2. The bikini dress code is always […]