Bang & Olufsen Beosound Moment Plays Music to Match Your Mood


We like the sound behind Bang & Olufsen, but we don’t always want to listen to our own music… and sometimes we don’t really like the music chosen for us by online sources. We’re a difficult bunch to please, we know—but at least we know that Bang & Olufsen understands us.

The Beosound Moment is a simple controller that features all the standard basic controls on one side, but it is the flip side that really interests us. It features two circles, one being a manual wheel, and the other a touchscreen decorated with the colors of the rainbow. It is called the MoodWheel, and this is where things get brilliant.

If you want to choose music that is more aggressive (hard rock, techno), you press within the red spectrum of the wheel. If you’re in the mood to chill (jazz, classical), the blue spectrum will be more music to your liking. Now if you want the music to be found within your own familiar library, you make sure you press closer to the center of the rainbow wheel. If you want to step outside your music box, press closer to the outside edge and it will seek music that you may not have heard through your favorite online services.

It is currently still under development, but you can sign up for more info here.