Evolutionary Biologist Answers Life’s Biggest Questions: Purpose of Life, What We Leave Behind in Death, and How to Live Past 100

In the empty silence in our beds, we all feel alone. But within that hiss of air behind your ears, there are processes going on within every cell (and atom) in your body that connect you to every other living thing from the tip of your nose to the ends of the universe. Every mystery […]

10 Mysteries That Can’t Be Explained by Modern Technology

Within the spectrum of unexplained, comes a certain exhilaration in knowing that anything and everything is possible in this world. Anyone who has ever looked up into the midnight sky and saw more than just stars and darkness, knows that there is more to life than what we can see. While most prefer to ground […]

Mystery of the Phantom Car

Top Gear discovered this dashcam video yesterday, and after about 15 minutes of using the laws of practicality to explain the mystery behind the car that comes out of nowhere, I have settled on the fact that it must be a phantom automobile. If anyone out there has a better explanation, we welcome it in […]