The Hugo ‘Gulio’ Dress Shirt with a No-Nonsense Fit

Fitted dress shirts are trendy, stylish, and sleek, up until the point you need to raise your arm up to do something. Then they become annoying, uncomfortable, and an underarm hole just waiting to happen. If you like your shirts to fit, yet allow enough room to move like a normal human being, the Boss […]

Hugo Slim-Fit Cotton Stretch Dress Shirt in Midnight Black

Aren’t all designer cotton dress shirts the same? We used to think that too, until we stumbled upon the Hugo line of stretch-infused dress shirts with a low-profile collar. The deep midnight black on this shirt is magnificent, and the slim, stretch fit offers a nice custom feel to any torso shape. As much as […]

Son, You Need a Sonstripe Shirt

We don’t get excited about button up shirts that often. Even more so, we’re not into vintage stuff, which in this case is stretching it, considering this Diesel gem only a pulls us back to 2007. However, today we’re making an exception, as these athletic-cut, embroidered, 100% cotton Sonstripe shirts are the kind of urban […]