Diesel Mr Daddy Watch Comes Flavor Flav Approved

The Diesel Mr Daddy DZ7261 is the watch to call on when all other standard sized watches fail the job. A few of its impressive statistics include a 57 mm case diameter, 27 mm leather band width, one solid pound of minerals and stainless steel; the ability to keep tabs on four different time zones, and it […]

There Are Luxury Watches, And Then There is Panerai

The world has long labored under the delusion that a car is the extension of a man’s d***. We beg to differ. When shaking the palm of an arch nemesis; taking the hand of a sexy woman, or waving a taxi down in busy Times Square; there is only one feature that really stands out. The quality […]

Can’t Afford a Ferrari 250GT? Buy the Watch

The face on a man’s watch offers the unique opportunity to create a masterpiece, much like that found on the dash of a  luxury touring vehicle or supercar. XO Retro understands this, and has created a DNA chronogragh that pays tribute to the classic Ferrari 250GT, that once ruled the streets from the early sixties. […]

The Ultimate Man’s Watch – The Graham Tourbillograph

If manliness were determined by the looks of ones watch, the Graham Tourbillograph 2TSAB.B02A would be your ticket to be ushered to the front of the line, just behind Chuck Norris and Steve McQueen. Each of these precision instruments have been designed and hand-crafted with such care, they even offset the blackened tourbillion cage to […]

Chronograph Watch Review – The Burberry BU7815 Utilitarian

A utilitarian watch should be functional, accurate, comfortable, and have the ability to dress up or down to fit just about any occasion. It should also be affordable (under $600), authentic, and built to last. The Burberry BU7815 utilitarian chronograph is one of the best examples of how to mesh practicality with style, and come away with something […]