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If you think that diet and exercise alone are going to keep you youthful, you are making the same mistake that 40 percent of men are currently making, according to a study by Statista. Sure, genetics plays a role in the future of your youth as does maintaining your hair (both on your head and on your face), and your physique (lean muscle portrays the silhouette of youth). But what those 40 percent of men are missing out on… is the advantage of performing and maintaining a basic skin care regimen.

In order for your skin to remain elastic, regenerate, and maintain a healthful sheen throughout its lifetime it needs to be clean, hydrated, and protected. Clean skin allows it to breathe and function, while hydration allows it to stretch and snap back as it should. Pollution, sunlight, and other chemicals (both airborne, and self-applied) disrupt the normal regeneration process, leaving skin in a downward spiral with each new generation of skin cells. This means that as your skin replenishes itself each night as you sleep and you are not checking off on all these necessities, each new generation will be born with more wrinkles, sunspots, and a harsher texture.

We will pause here while you go check your mug in the mirror.

If you are among the 40 percent not currently using a daily skin care regimen, we realize that you might be coming into this knowledge a bit late, and some of that damage may have already occurred. And that means that by starting a skin care regimen today you can slow that runaway train to a steady cruising speed. That is some pretty good news, but we also have some better news…

It may be possible to reverse and repair some of that damage, and one such option is FactorFive and their Regenerative Serum, powered by Human Stem Cell Factors.

Human stem cells are the building blocks of everything you are, and research suggests stem cells will one day be used to fight cancer, regenerate body organs, and make old skin appear youthful again. This technology may be in its early stages but it has already produced some very exciting results. In order to explain its role in your skin’s youth, it all begins with your genetic programming. Quite simply, the day you were born, your body was genetically programmed to age and the clock has been ticking ever since. This clock can both be sped up or slowed down based on how well you take care of yourself, which is why basic diet, exercise, and skincare are very important.

What Stem cells can accomplish above and beyond this first line of defense is to urge skin cells to regenerate to a degree well above what your genetics have predestined your regenerative capabilities to be. This is where stem cells really shine, as they may be able to help regenerate a healthier offspring of your old skin (so to speak) so that future generations of your skin (let’s call it Skin 2.0) will appear superior in every way. But the process of encouraging your cells to regenerate like miniature Supermen can be quite complicated and difficult to set into motion. So it should come as no surprise that most formulas are not going to work as well as the research suggests.

Some companies use plant stem cells, and others, like FactorFive, use the human variety. The human stem cell factors seem to foster the most hope, but hope offers zero opinion of a product’s true performance. So FactorFive offered our team the opportunity to trial their serum for the course of a month to see what kinds of results we would get.

And we accepted:

None of us was in particularly bad shape, but we all agree that this human-based formula does help to regenerate a softer, more elastic skin, while also making any fine wrinkles, less noticeable. And it only takes a single pump of their serum per application, which is good news when you’re paying $199 a bottle. FactorFive Regenerative Serum is formulated with a quality list of ingredients (Human Stem Cell Media, Aloe, Acmella Oleracea (analgesic), Green Tea, etc.). Its smooth, slow-drying formula enables one squirt/pump to go a long way towards covering your entire face, plus your neck (another area that no man wants to forget).

And if you do this every morning and night (we just did it once at night, but FactorFive recommends twice per day for maximum results), results could occur in as little as four weeks. And they did for us, and we were happy with the results at the end of our trial. Were we happy enough to recommend FactorFive’s Regenerative Serum to you? Yes, and we particularly recommend it if you are looking to reverse some previous damage (or premature aging) to your skin, which we all agree this product is capable of accomplishing to some degree.

Final Word on Skin Care

Don’t forget to use a daily protective cream after you apply this Regenerative Serum, as this is only a ‘serum’ and not a hydrating cream or SPF sunscreen. This is not a substitute for basic skin care, but an ally that can amplify the regenerative nature of your skin if you use it in conjunction with a regular skin care regimen. There aren’t many do-overs in life when it comes to your health and appearance, but this serum might be about as good as it gets for $200 and 30-seconds of your time.

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