FBI Strategies on How to Read Body Language for Any Occasion

Give author and ex-FBI agent, Joe Navarro, a few minutes of your time, and he’ll show you how to understand a person’s intention and background, just by paying attention to a few key areas hidden within their body language. The first indicator of an individual’s lifestyle can be suggested by their hair (both style and condition), clothes, and overall energy level. You can gain additional information by observing the condition of an individual’s brow (forehead wrinkles, etc.).

Once some basic lifestyle assumptions have been made, you can delve into someone’s intentions based on a few of the most telling cues on the human body. The face offers a lot of information during any bout of communication. Much of this will be suggestions of discomfort or the process of inhibiting information, but you can also gain access to their comfort level based on their eye contact, scrunching of the nose, lips, and angle of the neck.

There is a lot of unclear advice about what to watch for when attempting to read someone’s body language for the first time, particularly when attempting to flirt with someone. In addition to following the subtle cues on the face, more obvious clues can be found by watching a person’s hands and feet. A lot of information is suggested by the soothing action of self-touch and the fidgety nature of fingers.

The video below offers all of the key points to accurately diagnosing a first impression, whether it’s during an approach at the bar/club, business meeting, or initial job interview.


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