How to Sell Yourself to Get Anything

Sales skills are some of the best skills you can have in life. But there is a problem with this. A big problem, actually.

A problem that begins every time you hear the words, “sales skills.” You probably immediately picture yourself at work; presenting ideas or speaking to clients. But we’re not talking about just selling ideas at work, we’re talking about selling ideas to whoever is standing before you at any given time with something you want.

It could be a friend, a neighbor, bartender, car salesman, or a beautiful woman sitting across the bar. You sell yourself to people every day of your life, but if you approach each person with a different set of rules, you’re likely only getting a percentage of the things you want. And you know why? Because if a technique works in one situation – it will work in just about any other scenario you can think of.

There are a couple simple rules that every great salesperson knows will conquer most anyone’s fear and doubt about giving you what you want, and that is passion, inspiration, and desire. The key to selling yourself to anyone is to discover what that somebody wants before you even to begin thinking about yourself. You do this by getting to know that person, understanding what it is that they want, and then finding a way to give it to them in exchange for what you want.

But we’re making this a whole lot more complicated than it needs to be. The simple fact is – if you’ve had sex, you already know how to sell, and the only part of this transaction you’re missing out on is understanding how sex could ever relate to the successful outcome of just about everything you want. Of which we’re about to take care of with the video below: