10 Crazy Movies to Watch

The difference between crazy women and crazy movies is that while both may be overlooked by a good portion of men, a quality film of insanity will leave you with a sense of catharsis, a feeling of relief, and a deep satisfaction for a life of predictability, organization, and contentment. The crazy film will allow you to walk out a few dollars poorer, but many brain cells happier, because when one of these films is produced right it will gift you with all the excitement you’ve been missing with a clear exit sign at the credits.

If you’ve been wondering what it would be like to live life outside the far right and far left of the box… these are the 10 most underrated films that your life has been missing.

Just be forewarned, these films can’t be unseen.


From Paris with Love


Source Code



Old Boy

Clockwork Orange


Total Recall


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Single and sexy. Hello ladies..

About Max Green

Single and sexy. Hello ladies..