Advice About Women from a Gentleman Who Knows

Come on and admit it. You’re likely not the first man your woman has ever been with (and quite likely not the last). But the guy who keeps getting dibs – well, I happen to know him.

He’s not always the most handsome or rich, but he does have a confidence about him. And we’re not talking about just in himself – but a confidence in the women he’s with. Call it more of an admiration or respect. The reality of being a man who is successful with women – has less to do with you than it does about her.

Let’s think about that for a moment, and I’ll meet you at the next paragraph.

Women go for men who make her feel special. And yes, a man can occasionally make a woman feel special because he is handsome or rich. But do you think a man can make a woman feel special if he does the things that make her believe that she’s special?

Most always. In fact, it’s practically guaranteed.

And that right there gentlemen – is a big portion of the secret to being successful with women.

Now move forth and capitalize on that!

And when you do finally get her in the bedroom.


Because quite frankly…

About Max

Single and sexy. Hello ladies..

About Max Green

Single and sexy. Hello ladies..