Promotion of New Film, A Cure For Wellness, is Clever and Creepy

The ‘Rings’ Movie may have garnished a lot of attention from its frightening prank inside an electronics store, but the activation team of the new film (out today), A Cure for Wellness, has just pranked an entire social media fan base – and we love it.

The agent behind the prank was Nikki Leigh, also known as our personal man coach and favorite wing-woman. It appeared on Instagram this week as just another day at the Wellness Spa for the actress. Until…

NIKKI Cure 05 from LA REELS on Vimeo.

Inspired by the movie, this clever film marketing tool is Blair Witch Project meets social media. Interestingly, it was filmed entirely on a cell phone, and each scene was cut into 30-second clips to fit within the Instagram story platform.

The film is directed by Gore Verbinski, and while Nikki does not appear in the actual film (wish she did), Mia Goth seems to have things under – or should we rather say, ‘completely out of’ – control.


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