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We, at Urbasm, love the subscription box. We love the surprise element, the expert curation, and the time savings. But one thing we have discovered with other meal subscription services is that time saving is not always a part of the deal. In fact, we’ve been known to spend upwards of 2-hours slaving over a meal, and while it was certainly tasty – it was also more than we bargained for.

Real Food, Real Simple

Home Chef is for the guy who is not only looking for home cooked taste and the health benefits of eating real food – but also likes to get in and out of the kitchen with as little damage as possible. And by ‘damage’ we are referring to energy expenditure, preparation, and of course, cleanup.

This subscription box may be a lot like its competitors at first glance, in that they offer fresh produce, choice cuts of meat, bag everything for simplicity, and offer a variety of recipes. But they also give you more options. You have more control over what gets sent to your door, and (if you choose) you can have complete control. But perhaps what we liked best – is their simple recipes.

There is no fancy sauces or garnish preparation. This is a straight forward approach to cooking. Not every guy is training to be a chef at home, and with that in mind, we like to keep it simple – and this is where Home Chef really delivers.

We’ve samples cheese boxes, wine boxes, whiskey boxes, and full meals, and if there is one thing that always seems to impress us – it is minimal mess, minimal effort, and maximum satisfaction. And it doesn’t get any simpler or satisfying than this.

Check them out for yourself, here.

Note: This service was purchased by our own funds, all opinions are our own, and no man was hurt during the cooking of these meals.


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