10 Gifts of Style that Keep on Giving


When a guy hears the phrase “club membership,” what usually comes to mind are DVD’s, stockpiles of toilet paper, and a jelly of the month. However, there’s a box of goodies that could be heading to your door, and your options go way beyond lemon curd or strawberry rhubarb. Imagine if you could have a personal stylist scour the world for the best of men’s fashion and grooming, package up their top picks, and send them to your doorstep for around $20 to $100. Would you do it?

So would we.

Introducing the…

Birchbox– For the cost of a cup of Kopi Luwak coffee (or $20/month), you can sample multiple trial-sized grooming and lifestyle products, each with expert advice on how to use them.

Glymm– Four times a year ($25/box) Glymm will send a goody box of 7 to 8 sample products for you to try. We’re talking about such popular brands as American Crew, Guest Men, LA Fresh, John Masters Organics, and Yves Saint Laurent. You can also order the full-size versions.

Bespoke Post– You never know what monthly “box of awesome” Bespoke is going to come up with, but nine times out of ten, it’s something your going to put to good use. A few past boxes have included “Finishing Touches” (style essentials), “Polished” (shoe care), and “Alchemy” (tools of the bartender trade).

Svbscription– Every three months the stylists at Svbscription come up with a new theme, and ship off a smorgasborg of high-end stuff to your door (@ $330). This may include anything from apparel to technology. You never know what your going to get, so it’s like having Christmas four times a year.

Fresh Neck– Think of this as the Netflix of business fashion. How it works, is you choose from a selection of brand name ties, and they ship three to your door (basic membership $15/month). When your tired of your selections, you send them back in a pre-paid envelope, and the next three in your queue will be shipped in their place.

Urban Cargo– This is your one-stop web shop for all your bathroom essentials, including shaving, acne, hair care, and anti-aging. These kits make great gifts, too.

The Trunk Club– Whether your “clueless,” “confident,” or an “aficionado” of style, the Trunk Club has a box for you. The way it works, is you tell them a little about yourself (the types of clothes you tend to wear, your measurements, etc.), a personal stylist then puts together a fresh “trunk” of trendy garments, and ships them to your door. You only keep (and pay for) what you like, and send the rest back in a pre-paid box.

Function Men– Founded by Mo (a self-learned stylist), this website has taken the time to pre-assemble outfits, so instead of shopping for individual items, you’re perusing a collection of color-coordinated ensembles. This allows you to literally slide into the stuff from your box, and become instantly fashionable.

12Society– If your the type who pays attention to what the high profile celebrities and sports stars are wearing, you’ll appreciate the style selections you’ll receive from such characters as Blake Griffin, Nick Cannon, and Tim Lincecum. Every month (@ $39) you’ll receive a new box (retail $85) full of different items recommended by your favorite celebs. There is no commitment, and you can cancel at any time.

Fourth and Grand– If you think “shopping for clothes sucks,” Fourth and Grand will be happy to do it for you at a cost of about $60 per shirt and $25 per tie. The way is works, is you fill out a 60-second style survey, a personal stylist boxes up a selection of shirts, ties, and polos; you pick (and pay for) what you like, and send back the rest.


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About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created Urbasm.com, a site for every guy.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created Urbasm.com, a site for every guy.