Canada Approved – RYU Full Zip Hoodie

Canadians know how to stay warm, and RYU has the technology to get the job done as fashionably and minimally as possible. This Core Full Zip Hoodie is easy to put on, easy to layer, and extremely difficult to destroy. It has been forged from the depths of 350 gsm weight fleece, which means it is thick, sturdy, plenty soft, weather resilient, and very warm.

Fit & Finish

The cuffs are long, the fit is relaxed, and it has already been washed so you can wear it right out of the box. The hoodie cord has been tacked into place, so you will never have to fish the end out after it comes out of the wash. It also comes with a “locker loop” so you don’t have to deal with “hanger nipples” on your shoulders after it’s been hanging in the closet.

This is the real deal. Designed in Vancouver; built in Canada. Get yours here.