Annelise Marie Proves Blondes Have (Are) More Fun

Annelise Marie

A man’s legacy comes in many forms – his career, sense of humor, fashion… a good woman. It is said that a great woman is behind every great man, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. But where can a man find such a woman?

We’ve tried a good portion of the grocery stores and night clubs from the tip of California’s Route 66 all the way to the Northern states spooning the Atlantic. And the one place that seems to attract the caliber of women we’d like to go down in history with is Instagram. And so we made a move on our favorite blonde Instagram beauty, Annelise Marie, and while we didn’t get to make her breakfast the next morning, we did find out several things that pleasantly surprised us. Keep reading and we’ll share them with you:


Urbasm: Hi Annelise, what have you been up to?

Annelise Marie: I just got back from Colorado where I was in my best friends wedding.

Urbasm: That’s our home base!

Annelise Marie: Also Vegas a few times for some photoshoots, where I got some of my all time favorite pictures.

Urbasm: We’d like to see those pics. Which reminds us – what really goes through your mind when doing a sexy photo shoot like that?

Annelise Marie: Sorry to disappoint but nothing crazy goes through my mind during a sexy shoot. It’s mostly keep sucking it in, don’t fall over, don’t look into the flashing light and wondering what position I should move my body into next.


Urbasm: Let’s say that creativity and technology were limitless – what would your ultimate photo shoot look like?

Annelise Marie: Right now I would just love to go to Bali and do a photoshoot on the beach. But if technology was limitless I would go shoot with the Titanic!

Urbasm: Yeah, the Titanic would be ambitious. And speaking of that, what is the most ambitious thing on your bucket list for the year?

Annelise Marie: This may seem silly to some people. I am in the gym every day, and you may have seen some pictures of my NPC fitness show. Yet, I can not do a pull-up on my own! Even during P.E. as a child. I have been training hard on back day to get there.

Urbasm: Seeing you do a full free standing pullup would be absolutely sexy. If you could have a superpower, which one would you choose and why?

Annelise Marie: Mind control would be great. So many horrible things in the world would love to manipulate people into being good, stop all the evil out there.


Urbasm: Well, we’d imagine you could use your powers of flirtation to achieve some mind control. What is the most amazing thing you’ve received from doing some of your own patented flirt magic?

Annelise Marie: I’m not sure if this is considers flirting…. But I was really nice to my ex-boyfriend so he would get me a puppy when I was 16. It worked! Best present I ever got.

Urbasm: (laughs) That completely qualifies. So what is both the worst and best pickup line you’ve ever received from a guy?

Annelise Marie: I’ve yet to hear a good one! I get some creepy ones on Instagram that are so out of left field. Once at a bar a guy called me the wrong name on purpose – he said so I would remember him. I don’t suggest the “being a jerk move” to get a girl to talk to you. I do remember him, but he will always be known as a tool to me.

Urbasm: And if that bar guy is reading this interview.. may we just say, burn! So what is the first thing you notice when you meet a man?

Annelise Marie: I first notice the height. I am tall so I like notice right away if he is too. I’ll maybe even spill something on him, so he gets out of his chair and stands up.


Urbasm: So that’s what that means when you women do that. What else do you look for in a guy?

Annelise Marie: I enjoy a guy with a sense of humor who can keep up with mine. Also ambitious, hard-working, caring, and self-confident. I huge turn off for me is laziness and negativity.

Urbasm: What would you say makes the best first impression?

Annelise Marie:When you first meet a girl – smile and try to make her laugh.

Urbasm: Okay, settle this dispute for us once and for all… blondes or brunettes? who is truly more fun to date and why?

Annelise Marie: I’ve never dated a blonde guy so I can’t answer that question. I get weirded out they look like they could be my brother.

Annelise Marie - hot model

Urbasm: (laughs) What about for us guys?

Annelise Marie: I do find my blonde girlfriends to be more fun than brunettes.  I could be biased.

Urbasm: No, not at all, that’s a fair opinion. And we’d like one more opinion from you. What are the three things that most women want men to know, but aren’t always willing to tell us?

Annelise Marie: We love being surprised even with little things, a flower, a sweet note or text, etc.. We wish you males were better at taking pictures of us.

Urbasm: That is something we’ve never thought of before.

Annelise Marie: We enjoy a little jealousy; not a lot! Just every blue moon it’s nice to see you care, but only a tad!

Urbasm: I think we’ve got most of those under control, Annelise. Thank you for allowing us to spend some quality time with you.


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