Grovemade Wood Watch for the Modern Man


We have already established that iPhone’s like wood. And by no stretch of the imagination can we assume that Father Time would also prefer to observe his work from the natural essence of Maple or Black Walnut.

The Grovemade Modern Wood Watch features circular hands that rotate behind its oiled and handcrafted wood face. The case itself is stainless steel with a strap that comes in either vegetable tanned leather or silicone.


The idea behind a wood watch is that time does not have to be sterile and stoic in a world of ‘smart’ gadgets. Since we no longer need watches just to tell time, we can now style them to fit a man’s unique signature.


Master watch designer, Stefan Andren, worked along with Grovemade to create this statement of art and nature. And as we are already big fans of Grovemade’s products, we are looking forward to seeing these come out in the winter of 2014.


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