How Omega-3 Can Help Prevent Colon Cancer

When it comes to health benefits, omega-3 fatty acids and all its glory has been known in the medical world. It has become a subject of many studies and has lined up a long line of diseases and conditions that it can benefit.
The long chain omega-3 fatty acids found mostly in sea foods and other plant sources have been found out to be beneficial when it comes to heart health. But recently, in a 2010 study, another breakthrough has been announced from a research study conducted by experts from London—omega-3 fatty acids can prevent colon cancer.

Another study though has been presented by the American Association for Cancer Research Frontiers last 2009.

The UK Study

The EPA in the omega-3 fatty acids together with the DHA can help in promoting healthy properties. The EPA on the other hand has a pronounced protective effect in the precancerous growths in the colon of a person.

The EPA has the anti-colorectal cancer activity and it can prevent rectal polyps. The study has been conducted among those persons who have the highest and the genetic tendency to acquire the colon cancer due to their FAP condition or the familial adenomatous polyposis.

The persons under study have been found out to have reduced their new polyp growth by 22.4% and those that have their prior colorectal polyps’ size reduced by 30% in a span of 6 months. These have been recorded after the 2 gram EPA has been taken by these persons compared to their counterpart who only took a placebo.

The group who took the placebo has found an increase in the number and size of their colorectal polyps.

The US Study

The U.S. study has been presented in the Cancer Prevention Research Conference in Houston last 2009. The study has found out the benefits of the omega-3 fatty acids in the colorectal carcinogenesis. It can start from the reduction of the tumor growth, suppression of the angiogenesis and the inhibition of the metastasis.

The omega-3 fatty acids contain the anti-neoplastic properties in colon. The study has gathered the data of the dietary consumption of 1878 participants. Those who have high intake of omefga-3 fatty acid enriched diet have reduced risk of the distal bowel cancer compared to those who have low intake.

Another reason for the said findings can be, according to a Japanese scientists (Japan is one of the countries who has a high fish oil intakes), can cause in the block absorption of cancer causing chemicals in the digestive track.

Omega-3Sources of Omega-3

As said, Japan is one of the countries that have the highest consumption of omega-3 fatty acids in their diet. This is due to the fact that Japanese people have high intake of fishes in their daily meals. Fishes, especially the oily ones, contains a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids which cannot only help prevent colon cancer but can be of help to overall body health as well.

Some plant sources include flaxseed, Chia seeds and walnuts. Other sources can be from marine life such as calamari and krill oil.

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