Amber Rose’s 1966 Lincoln Continental Convertible

Amber Rose 1966 Lincoln Continental Convertible

The platinum blonde, ex-stripper, and ex-girlfriend of Kanye West, had a reality series, Behind Her Shades. As part of one episode, Amber went to Platinum Motor Sports in West Hollywood to pick up a green, vintage 1966 Lincoln Continental. While it may clash with the other two cars she frequents, a black and a yellow Lambo, the 5,500-pound Continental was one of the premier luxury cruisers of its day.

Many people associate old cars with leaks and rattles. However, the Lincoln 180-point test was nothing short of exhaustive. Its 462 cubic-inch V8 was put through a series of gasket seal tests using dye and fluorescent lights. Each car was then driven for three-hours to eliminate the necessity of a break-in period. The convertible was also given a simulated thunder storm to ensure the passengers would stay dry.

Amber may not have the best taste in men, but her choice in vintage automobiles is inspiring.