What Is The Perfect Woman?

Every man wants a perfect woman. While these men may have a slightly different set of requirements, there are many similarities, such as proof of good genes and fertility, which is demonstrated by clear skin, thick hair, small feet, long legs, narrow hips, and big boobs.

However, sex isn’t everything, which is why today’s modern man also prefers a woman with an education,  sense of humor, decent paying job (hey, more money is always a good thing), and brown hair (blondes are just for fun, as the saying goes). In other words, something like this:

Unfortunately, most women are not judged by the average woman, but rather the perfect faces and bodies of Hollywood. The ideal woman has become somewhat of a celebrity mecca of surreal beauty and plastic body parts.

Based on one poll, the following celebrities were considered to be the ‘best of’ in certain departments.

Legs: Jennifer Aniston

Boobs: Jennifer Love Hewitt

Abs: Gwen Stefani

Curves: Sofia Vergara

Arms: Jennifer Aniston

Hair: Sofia Vergara

Eyes: Zooey Deschanel

Smile: Kate Middleton

Eyebrows: Megan Fox

Jawline: Victoria Beckham

Nose: Scarlett Johansson

* Results based on the poll “Hollywood’s Hottest Bodies” by HollywoodScoop.


After combining every perfect celeb feature, this is the oddly scary result.
We’ll let you decide for yourself whether this is the ‘perfect woman’.


In an article from Men’s Health they sum up what makes the perfect woman.

She laughs at our jokes, is a couple years younger, smiles often, has brown hair, larger breasts, narrow hips, long legs, small feet, pulls her own weight, and is educated.


Perfect Woman

Not long ago the NY Post ran an article on what 2 Beverly Hills plastic surgeons thought the perfect woman looked like and they came up with the following list of celebrity names and attributes;

Hair: Taylor Swift

Eyes: Anne Hathaway

Cheeks: January Jones

Nose: Natalie Portman

Lips: Scarlett Johansson

Jaw: Halle Berry

Skin: Amy Adams

Body: Penelope Cruz

Their final result looked something like this:

perfect woman

On the other end of the spectrum are the studies that show men as being attracted to just about anything with boobs and a libido. According to this research, most men would go out with 50 percent of women, as long as she showed at least some interest.

This is in contrast to women, who only accept approximately one out of every three guys for a date. And in case you were wondering, what makes a perfect man is not toned abs, a square jaw, and the desire to clean.

It is having the approval of other women, which is why bringing your girlfriend to a singles bar as your wingman is not only crazy, but crazy like a fox.

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Lover, fighter, and bona fide sex expert.

About Doc Hollandaise

Lover, fighter, and bona fide sex expert.